Opportunities to Grow

Bible Studies and Small Groups

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Here at Living Christ Lutheran Church, we believe being in the Word is an important part of our growth as Christians. There are many opportunities for you to investigate how God speaks to us through the Bible.

Groups and Classes Resume September 10, 2017!

Sunday – 10:45 AM Led by Pastor Peter.  Meets at the church.  This year we will be walking through Luther’s Small Catechism as we explore the foundations of our faith.  We will be applying it to our lives and digging deep into Scripture!

Sunday – 7:00 PM –  Led by Wayne.  Meets in homes.  We examine the I AM declarations of Jesus in the Bible.  We look at the context of each statement and discover how these words can transform our lives today.

Monday – 11:30 AM – Led by Becky.  Meets at the church.  Together they are beginning to walk through the book of Hebrews

Monday – 7:00 PM   Led by Kathy.  Meets in homes. “Busyness” by Juanita Ryan.  This book study explores ways of conversing with God in the midst of things, so we can see our work as the joyful service of kneeling before Jesus.  Meets every other Monday beginning September 18.

Wednesday – 10:00 AM Led by Pastor Peter.  Meets at church.  “Looking Forward”  Each week we will look forward and study the upcoming readings for Sunday.

Thursday – 7:00 AM Led by Marty.  Meets at the Up-town Café in Arlington Heights.  This group is currently studying the New Testament book of Hebrews.

Saturday – 8:00 AM Led by Art.  Meets at church.  Isaiah: Trusting God in Troubled Times (Lifeguide Bible Studies) starting September 16th.  

Do you look around you and see nothing but trouble? Or are you experiencing firsthand a time of suffering? Do you wonder how any good can come out of the world you live in? In the Old Testament book of Isaiah, you’ll discover that trouble and suffering are nothing new to God’s people. But the prophet Isaiah raises a loud cry for revival in this midst of a rotting society. Isaiah firmly believes that God can triumph even in the worst of times. As Howard Peskett guides you through these studies on Isaiah, you’ll dig deep into the prophet’s revolutionary message of repentance, forgiveness and hope. And you’ll find comfort for coping with your own troubled times. This LifeGuide Bible Study in IVP’s revised format features questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, as well as a new “Now or Later” section following each session to help you act on what you learn.