Opportunities to Grow

Bible Studies and Small Groups

Please call (847) 577-7133, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request more information about our groups or how you can get connected. 

Here at Living Christ Lutheran Church, we believe being in the Word is an important part of our growth as Christians. There are many opportunities for you to investigate how God speaks to us through the Bible.

Sunday – 10:45 AM Led by Pastor Peter.  Meets in the church fellowship hall following worship.  We are currently taking a deeper look at the Scripture passages behind our sermons.  Open to all.

Sunday – 7:00 PM –  Led by Wayne.  Meets in homes.  Currently studying:  Jeremiah.  In this study we meet the prophet Jeremiah, who was God’s messenger to Judah.  He relates God’s words of impending judgement, but also restoration.  God’s love for His people and for us is always evident.

Monday – 11:30 AM – Led by Becky.  Meets at the church.  Together they are beginning with a series called “Growing Up:  In, with, and under Jesus” as we explore what Christian maturity looks like and how we can all “grow up” in our faith.

Wednesday – 10:00 AM Led by Pastor Peter.  Meets at church.  “Looking Forward”  Each week we will look forward and study the upcoming readings for Sunday.

Thursday – 7:00 AM Led by Marty.  Meets at the Up-town Café in Arlington Heights.  This group is currently studying the New Testament book of Hebrews.

Saturday – 8:00 AM Led by Art.  Meets at church.  Paul:  His Life and Teaching, by Jack Kuhatschek.  The apostle Paul led a dramatic and fascinating life from his conversion on the road to Damascus to his imprisonments to his speeches in the public square. His letters shaped the believers in the early church just as they do today. In this study guide by Jack Kuhatschek we will survey both the highlights of his life and the core teachings in his writings.